Bukit Lawang Accommodation

We can arrange anywhere accommodation in Bukit Lawang if you couldn’t book yet the room with the same price and we don’t get any commission from the accommodation. We can give an advice for you to find a good accommodation in Bukit Lawang or if you on the budget,we are very flexible and happy to answer your question or to give a good solution for all you needs.

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Private Transport

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We can arrange a private car transport to Bukit Lawang  from every destination  hotel in Medan or from Medan airport to Bukit Lawang, the car transfer is in our private car with air-conditioned . Don’t worry about your arrival time in Medan airport,we can pickup anytime on time at the airport even the flight delay or very late arrival. The car is good enough and very comfortable ride for up to 3-6 persons but we can serve a big bus if you a big group. We can also arrange the…

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