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Our goals and priorities are purely to support the local communities and to protect the nature,wildlife with our own way what we can do our best to support.
We would like to teach what we know about the forests,wildlife and ecotourism for all of our guests to behave well not to do negatively impact for the social and ecological systems while doing the tour / jungle trekking.

We will optimize your support for the environment, nature and wildlife, from the tour price you pay has helped 10% for local project funds.
This is the right places to visit and also the last place on earth where you can still have opportunity to see Sumatran orangutans, Thomas Leaf monkeys, macaques, gibbons, hornbill and many more exotic animals and plants in their natural habitats.
The National Park is also home to the Sumatran tiger, elephants, and other endangered species typical of this ecosystem.

Our are specialists for the jungle treks and tours around North Sumatra,ecological and very responsible of your journey.We have standard treks and expedition jungle trekking
but also design itineraries based around your free time and special interests.
We try to keep groups small (maximum 6 people) but can also serve bigger groups with the help of extra guides and porters.
The minimum number is 3 people for the Treks and Tours and if you travel alone we can join you up with other travelers to reduce the price.But if you want to do as a single traveler is very possible cause we are very flexible.
Please contact us with your needs and we will find the best solution for you.

orangutan expedition guest having rest at the camping site