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Tour To The Village in Bukit Lawang

For those of you who have more time to stay a few days in Bukit Lawang after doing jungle trekking. If you are interested in knowing more about not only about jungle and animals, it is good for you to do it because you can learn something and to know about the culture and the way of life the people around this place. You will get a something different in experience also very valuable that you can pick up when doing activities such as seeing how to planting rice, how to make a brown sugar, how to make tofu or soya bean and also see how to make weaving the base ( the walls from bamboo) ,After the activities done you can try local foods for lunch and drinks a fresh coconut juice. after that continue to see the activity at the local school in Bukit Lawang where they are learn English, also you can give an a suggestion or teach them something to the children how to learn a good speaking English although is not your native language,But your presence  at the class room to give them spirit to learn seriously . Afterward return to Bukit Lawang. in the afternoon and the tour finished.

Price  : 35 Euro / person.
Minimum group size : 
two – three person.
Maximum group size : four – eight person.
Price includes :
Transportation (becak/three side car) guide fee,lunch and water.

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Tour to the village by becak
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Rice field in Bukit Lawang

Bat Cave and Landak River Tour

Do you like to see the cave?  this tour is good for you while you are in Bukit Lawang. Although there’s nothing in this three-room cave that you haven’t already seen before, it’s a pleasant enough trek out there and the cave entrance is rather picturesque with a hole in the roof allowing a beam of light to penetrate the darkness.Located two kilometres downriver from Ecolodge after that through the rubber fields on the same side of the river, the bat cave is a small cave like a small tunnel inside a small limestone hill outside of town.After visit the bat cave you will continue walking to the landak river for having lunch with chicken or fish BBQ ,you can take a swim and relaxing there in quiet place outside Bukit Lawang .Back in the afternoon to the accommodation and tour is finished.

Price : 25 Euro / person.
Minimum group size : two – three person.
Maximum group size : four – eight person.

Price includes :

Entrance fee,guide fee,lunch,fruits and water.

What you should to bring :
Camera, Insect repellent,short pants or swimming suit.
Bat cave inside
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Bat cave from inside








Elephant Tour in Tangkahan

This is a one-day tour Bukit Lawang to Tangkahan for those of who are interested to do activities such as riding elephants or washing elephants this tour is right for you.
To go there through off road and at least take about  2-3 hours journey from Bukit Lawang. Activities of the elephant ride takes only i hour and every day only 3 times and start at 10 until 11 o’clock in the morning for the first trip and the second starting at 11 am until 12 pm after that the last trip starts at 2 pm until  3 pm and for the washing elephant only 2 times a day starting at 9 am and in the afternoon starts at 3 or half past 3 pm but on Friday there is no elephant riding activity.
After the elephant riding you can relax at the small hot spring and after that take a swim in the river.
if you want to do elephant riding and washing activity you can choose the time as you want it.
Back to Bukit Lawang in the afternoon and tour finished.

Price : 150 Euro / person.
Minimum group size : two – three person.
Maximum group size : four – eight person.

Price includes :
Return transportation Bukit Lawang -Tangkahan- Bukit Lawang.
1 hour elephant riding and and washing elephant.
Guide fee and entrance fee.
Lunch and fruits.


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Elephant riding and washing in Tangkahan
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The Elephant riding at Tangkahan